This was the first Tumbled Ottawa Valley Limestone house we supplied and laid in Stratford ON. It wasn’t long until we were asked to do two more houses on the same street. We did this one as a show home for our stone, and obviously the owners of the next two homes were quite impressed as they wanted the same stone on their houses as well.

Notice the two round windows going right through the chimney (above). We had to direct the fireplace flues around the windows. The two fireplace pictures below show sunlight coming through these round windows that go through the chimney outside and the fireplaces inside. An interesting and amazing feature.

How often do you see a window coming right through a fireplace?

This fireplace (above) has sunlight coming through the two stained glass windows, plus the circular window that comes right through the chimney and fireplace (close to the ceiling). As you can see, there is not much room for the flue tile, as it squeezed past the round window. It was tight but doable. Sometimes I have to scratch my head a bit to remember some of the details on projects we did 35 years ago.

A view from the back of the house.

Side View

The Tumbled Ottawa Valley Ledgerock on the carriage house style garage, laid to look rustic and original, has an appealing appearance. For customers that like a 150 year old appearance the moment the job is completed… our Tumbled Limestone gives you what you want without waiting 150 years for it.