The “Tumbled Nathaniel’s Squared Ranch Blend” is an array of “Browns, Golds, Beige, and Buff tones”, and is split our of “ALL LIMESTONES” that blend well.

Most of the pieces above have a weathered looking face because of the surface we chose to expose. The dimpled, natural surface adds beauty and the appearance of extra age to such a beautiful stone.

The “close up picture” shows how tumbling rounds and softens the edges… giving a worn appearance.

We named this blend after our Son, Nathaniel, that passed from an incurable disease (Cystinosis). Our second Son Timothy passed (also from Cystinosis) 2 1/2 years later. We dearly miss these boys, and as a remembrance and honouring them we named some of our special blends after both boys.

The “Ranch Blend Name” fit Nathaniel so well, as animals would do just about anything he would ask them too. Our dogs would jump through hoops for him and he was very good at handling horses.

He was even able to show his stallion in a ring up against other stallions… which I would have been afraid to do myself.

As Nathaniel kept getting weaker (because of his disease progressing) his trainer kept training his horse to respond to weaker commands. It was touching to see so much talent being laid aside, as his strength drained from him. He kept putting his all into managing our “Natural Stone Processing Facility” until his strength didn’t allow him to and even then he supported us from his bed at home. We were very sad that we had to give both boys up and gladly cared for them when they needed it, but rejoice that we could have them with us over 30 years after which we got very close to them. We are glad to honour them by naming products after them. We would like to encourage everyone to love your children while you still have opportunity.

Above is the right edge of the Stone (fire protection wall).

The “candle holders” fit so nicely with the “Tumbled Nathaniel’s Squared Ranch Blend.

When the electricity goes out… you can cook up a meal on this cute little stove. When you heat up an area of Natural Stone… the heat radiates for hours after the wood fire goes out.