“I could not have asked for a better experience working with Colonial Stone! The people were knowledgeable, honest and extremely helpful.
The stone itself and their workmanship are of superior quality! My home looks amazing. Special thanks to Elroy! People comment very often on the stone and stonework and how it is unlike any other as well as how beautiful and rich looking it is. They also comment on the difference between the real stone on my house and the fake stone that they have seen elsewhere! They love love love it!!!”
-Lisa Dozzi

                                                              The Limestone Blend is:

50% Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock(with the natural weathered face)
30% Harvest Gold Limestone Squared(with the natural bed face)
20% Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock
Note: Everything was tumbled, but the weatheredge was tumbled lightly, the Harvest Gold Squared had regular tumble, and the Harvest Gold Ledge was tumbled hard. Its obvious in Lisa’s comments that she is overjoyed with the personal care that she received.
Close up view of three different kinds of stone blended.
This picture was taken before the mortar joints were filled and tooled.
Night Light Pictures
The stone pillars fit so well with the wood beams.
Natural Stone looks so good indoors, outdoors and with night lighting, and during spring, summer, fall and winter.
The rustic wood plank floor and the Natural Stone compliment each other.