This amazing “Hewn Log Home” in the Huntsville, ON area, is a real Show Piece of wood and stone. The hand hewn ceiling beams fit so well with the hand hewn mantle. The pine floor, staircase, breakfast bar, and wall, in the background all fit the log home and stone fireplace so well.

The long open span under the 4″ thick Harvest Gold Limestone hearth, gives added space for wood storage. We also hand tumbled the hearth so it would match the tumbled face of the Tumbled Thin Veneer on the four faces of the fireplace.

Our customer is a designer, which is really showing in the design and decor of their home.

The squared and rectangular pieces, as well as the random shapes, are “bedface” (giving extra texture to the stonework) and the Ledgerock is the “vein face”.

Our customer drove 6 hours to choose this blend of (a)Harvest Gold Limestone (b)Brown Limestone and (c)Tan Limestone and all her choices blended well with her entire setting.

While concentrating on taking pictures, my eye caught a movement in the background, which was their friendly dog walking off with one of my shoes. It was so funny.

This is the beautiful view of the lake, looking out the windows.

The natural rock outcrop, and stone walkways going down to the water are so inviting. The meandering lane winding through the bush and crossing ravines leading to this amazing setting was narrow and up and down steep hills and around many corners. It was very beautiful, but my wife was getting a bit nervous and reminded me to carefully watch the edge of the driveway. She breathed a sigh of relief after we crossed over the deepest ravine. To tease her a bit I told her we should come back to see this beautiful setting when there’s snow in the winter. I got the results I was looking for. We like teasing each other.

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