Our customer wondered if I want the fire stoked up a bit for the pictures. I replied “That would be nice.”, and she took it all the way. A warm crackling fire is so inviting.

In this project you get three appearances in the three different sections.

1)Left Section

Even though it is a blend of Random, Squared and Ledgerock, the random even has straighter edges, creating more of a precise appearance.

2) The Center Section (behind the stove)

This section has a larger percentage of random edges.

3) Right Pillar (in the pic below)

This pillar has more squared and ledge pieces, giving the pillar a more squarish and structured appearance.

The long low section, behind the stove, has many of the pieces laid horizontally, matching the wood plank backing wall.

A close up picture of the Squared and Ledgerock section. These people became real friends, and proudly showed off their workmanship. They are very happy with the Tumbled Harvest Gold Limestone, and used it well in their setting. This project is in the St. Marys, ON area. Notice the difference between the recessed and more precise mortar joints (above) and the flush, overgrout joints in the fireplace below. It completely changes the whole appearance!

It creates a more rustic, original setting when you use an overgrout joint. It adds 100 years to the appearance immediately. The hand hewn, used wooden beam and the 5″ thick hearth all fit the original theme. The tumbling process also gives a worn and aged appearance.

Another element in this living room that fits in with the natural, rustic theme is this deer head wall mount.

The Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is a blend of Random, Squared and Ledgerock. We were happy to supply this stone for our nephew’s fireplace.