The Natural Stone Thin Veneer was added quite a while after the original house was built.

The Natural Stone added to both ends of the house takes it to the next level.

This screened area has stone cut to match the 135 Degree corners (between some of the windows).


our customer chose to have Squared Elite Blue Granite added to the Harvest Gold Limestone which had Squared, Random and Ledgerock shapes. They also desired to have larger pieces in the outdoor stonework. The Blend is approximately:

10% Harvest Gold Random

60% Harvest Gold Squared

10% Harvest Gold Ledgerock

20% Squared Elite Blue Granite

All of the stone was tumbled.

In smaller areas indoors they requested that we cut our stone pieces much smaller, as you see in the shower (above) and the tub below. In both cases they didn’t add the Elite Blue Granite like they had outdoors.

Beautiful woodland view from this tub.