The Battery Bluff Sawn Height is named after an area of Shoreline at our Weatheredge Limestone Quarry on Manitoulin Island. History tells us that the Cliffside toward Cooks Bay was used by the Navy for practice shooting many years ago… and they called the Cliffside “Battery Bluff” as it is still marked on some maps today. Back then it was probably considered a safe target, because humans would seldom be close. It could have been scary for a wolf, deer, or bear… to have a cannon ball miss you by 2 feet.

The start of the Tumbled Sawn Height Battery Bluff.

These Stone Mason’s were used to buying regular guillotined building stone and sawing every piece on the top and bottom… which was back breaking, very labor intensive work and they were throwing away huge amounts of waste. When our stone arrived at the jobsite… every piece was pre-sawed top and bottom, to guaged heights that fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints. This can save hundreds or thousands of hours of labor, depending on the job size, plus spare many back injuries.

Three kinds of Limestone were used for the Battery Bluff Sawn Height Blend providing a nice array of colors. Each of these three limestones have a beautiful dimpled face, giving added texture and character. The Blend is available both tumbled and non tumbled.

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