The Timothy’s Blend is: 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite.

The Mountain Blend is 70% Ledgerock and 30% Squares and Rec’s.

The Timothy’s Mountain Blend is a combination of both.

This is the street view.

Nice sunny area inside these windows.

The stone-mason did a good job of tight fitting the mortar joints.

Showing the left entrance wall. An abundance of glass insures a very bright entrance.

The right side stone wall at front entrance.

A close-up of the Timothy’s Mountain Blend. We also hand crafted the window sills from our Weatheredge Limestone.

Left side of garage. Black garage doors and trim, soffit, facia, eves troughs, and roof up against the contrasting light colored stone, makes the stone stand out. There is enough dark pieces in the Timothy’s Mountain Blend to pull both together.

At the back edge of this well treed property the Elora Gorge falls off to this beautiful river. Elora is such a beautiful town with amazing sight seeing opportunities. If you visit check out the scenic things you don’t want to miss… especially the David Street Bridge spanning the Elora Gorge.