A nice fireplace, that goes all the way up to the cathedral ceiling, with a beautiful view into a woodlot – very nice.

This customer chose the “Timothy’s Mountain Blend.” The Timothy’s Blend is 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite. In this case the customers added an extra dimension, by incorporating the “Mountain Blend” which is 70% Ledgerock (the vein face) and 30% squared shape (the bed face). We took both kinds of stone and divided them into the proper percentage of Ledgerock and Squared.

The picture above is the upper area (between the mantle and the ceiling).

Even though this project is 1″ thick thin veneer, some of the “L-shaped corners” have an 8 – 10″ return. This makes the structure look solid and strong. The stone masons are proud to use amazing corners like this which makes their project look top-notch.

Here’s a closer view of the “Timothy’s Mountain Blend”. The wood floor and wood beam mantle fit the natural stone so well. This close up picture shows that the stone is not tumbled.