Thanks Rhonda (our former employee), for using our stone on your fireplace and home. I think your Son enjoyed when I got him to push the Camera button to take a picture of my wife. He appeared to think that was really cool.

A view of the Elite Blue Granite Polished Hearth. Notice the changing color veins.

A close up view of the “L-Shaped” thin veneer corners.

Polishing the Elite Blue Granite Hearth magnifies it’s beautiful veining.

The “Hewn Beam Mantle” compliments the Natural Stone. The L-Shaped thin veneer corners with a nice wide return (up to 10″) makes a project look very solid and strong.

The Timothy’s Mountain Blend is”

(A) 70% Weatheredge Limestone & 30% Elite Blue Granite

(B) 70% Ledgerock (Vein Face) & 30% Squares & Rec’s (Bedface)

The fireplace, as viewed through the “Timberframe Arch”.