One of our employees gets to live in this home. He was very influential in the stone choice in the entrance area. He even helped our masons install some of it. He also wanted the contrasting Sturgeon River Black window and doors sills, which are 4″ tall and have a flamed top and a hand rocked front edge.

The dark black sills really stand out as they contrast so much with the lighter colored wall stone.

By blending natural stone, you can fit any color scheme you desire.

The stone of choice for this home was the Timothy’s Ledgerock Blend, which is 70% Weatheredge Splitface Ledgerock and 30% Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock.

Each piece of natural stone is unique in color, size, veining, shape and texture. You don’t get the repeats in a wall like you do with man made products.

By exposing the vein face, the natural veining in the stone is magnified.

This photo was taken after the porch railing was installed. We are pleased that our employee and his family are so happy with their stone.