Timothy’s Blend Sawn Height.

Each of the Timothy’s Blends are 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite. The Timothy’s Blends are available in Sawn Height, Ledgerock, Random, or Squares and Rec’s.

The Timothy’s Tumbled Ledgerock Blend, going down the basement stairs is seen from both floors. I had recommended that we tumble the stone in the staircase, so grandchildren wouldn’t get hurt so much if they fall down the stairs.

The pictures above and below are the “Timothy’s Mountain Blend” which is 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite and the type is 70% Ledgerock and 30% Squares & Rec’s.

The stone choice below on the porch was chosen by an employee, which is the Timothy’s Ledgerock Blend. It’s a challenge for an employee to make a choice when he sees over 100 Natural Stone Choices at work. He also chose the Sturgeon River Black Granite Sills.

The fireplace below is the Timothy’s Tumbled Mountain Blend.

The tall fireplace below is the Tumbled Timothy’s Mountain Blend with some “Natural Weathered Face Weatheredge Ledgerock” added.

The Timothy’s Blend was named “in Memory of” our son Timothy, who passed away, like his brother Nathaniel also, from a disease called Cystinosis. Timothy was very kind and loving. We would see him go over to his brother and hug him. No words needed, but the love and caring heart could be felt.

It was hard for Timothy when his brother with the same disease as him died 2 1/2 years before him… and then as he felt himself becoming weaker and sicker. We really appreciated how our friends cared so much and prayed for us all. My wife Diane and I appreciate that we had the privilege of being close to these amazing young men that died at 33 and 35 years of age. They were so special to us.

Timothy was a good artist and is seen in the picture holding a picture he had painted. He loved singing. It’s an honor to name the “Timothy’s Blend” after him.