The Tigerstripe Limestone Ledgerock, is named after the many stripes you see in the split face. Many modern designs today cut the stone skirt off flush with the bottom of the windows. We tell our customers that they also have the option of stepping the skirt 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ or 14″ higher than the bottom of the window sill like the picture above. Many of our customers have been choosing to take the stone higher and feel they are getting a richer and more elegant appearance because of the added stone. The ones that have added that small amount of extra stone, are very happy that they made their choice.

Notice the “pencil line chiseled edges” on the building and pillar edges. Stone masons soon learn that they have to charge extra for perfect window or corner edges.

The Tigerstripe Limestone Ledgerock fades out to a light grey. If you desire that color, you let nature take its course and let it become what you want. If you prefer to keep the color more like it is when freshly split, you can choose a “color enhancer/sealer” to keep a brighter, more vibrant color. If you use a sealer, try it on a scrap piece first to be sure that you like it, because some sealers are glossy. Some customers like gloss and others don’t.