The tigerstripe flagstone offers a variety of grays and buff colors.

The building stone on the house is “Tigerstripe Guillotined Ledgerock” and blends well with the flagstone.

This customer chose to use “Tigerstripe Random Flagstone” for their step treads (to match the patio (below) and porch (above).

Moss was used in the joints in this setting. Notice the Rockery Stone (with holes) used as an edging.

The pictures below show the “Tigerstripe Square Cut Flagstone” (sawn square edges) compared to all the pictures above are random shapes.

Notice- stone is wet. (after rain)

Tigerstripe square cut flagstone (dry).

The waterfall in the background, is built out of Weatheredged Faces of the Weatheredge Limestone” from our Quarry on Manitoulin Island.

The “Tigerstripe Limestone Square Cut Flagstone” with the picture taken from one level above.

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