The house is located in Cambridge. Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend was used for the exterior and for the fireplaces, which is 50% squared, 30% Ledgerock, and 20% random.


Elite Blue Granite Squared on a house in the mountains of West Virginia. The customer chose to use black mortar in the joints and grey brick highlights above the doors and windows. We sent six truckloads of product to the beautiful home.


 This home with Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is in our local area. We have taken many customers to look at it, and the people we did this home for are so happy that they come out and chat with our customers to tell them how much they like it. The windowsills are made from Weatheredge Limestone from our quarry in Manitoulin Island.


This Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height Building Stone house is on Lake Ramsey in Sudbury. The customer was so excited about the stone that they placed it inside and outside. This project opened up new relationships and sold many more projects.