This is the first project we did with “The Tumbled Timothy’s Ledgerock Blend with Midnight Black” on it. Our standard Timothy’s blend had lighter stone as the dark highlights, however, this customer chose to use our Midnight Black Ledgerock, as the dark highlights.

The sills are Sturgeon River Black Granite with a rock faced front and flamed top.

Notice how strong the corners look. We feel a thin veneer project should have a wide return on some of the corners, giving the appearance of a thick, structural wall.

The black sill, door trim, hinges, and dark siding all fit so well with the Midnight Black Highlights.

A view of the beautiful Conestoga Lake.

This customer is so proud that he used Midnight Black Highlights.

A close up view of the Sturgeon River Black Sill.

A beautiful garage on a beautiful Lake.