This group of pictures is taken from the street side of the house. The house is built on a lake in Lindsay ON. A nice lake, mature and colorful trees and nice stonework makes a beautiful setting and house. Notice the round flowing porch roof and ceiling.

From this angle you get a partial view of the lake. There are so many breathtaking lake views also from inside, as well from the backyard.

On this picture you can see the rounded, flowing ceiling of the porch at the front entrance. This also adds flow to the top of the stonework, which matches the arch top window and soldier courses above the door.

When choosing the stone for their house, the Smiths noticed we had a Nathanial’s Blend and Timothy’s Blend, which we had in memory of our sons that passed. When they chose a blend very specifically to match their taste, they named it “The Tanner’s Blend” in memory of their son, which we gladly honored.

Their front door is amazing.

Their nice white furry friend welcomed us for pictures.

A wide sunken window well area, created with armor stone, has plantings as well as a nice basement view from inside. Looking out the basement window and seeing plantings (sunken area) with armor stone back-drop, plus more plantings in the upper area, is quite nice.

The sunken area also shows more stone, on the house front.

A view of the garage.

The entrance post and wall by the driveway is a good example of the Tanner’s Blend, which is:

60% Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock (which had a regular tumble)

The remaining had a light tumble and consisted of:

10% Weatheredge Limestone Vertical Vein

20% Elite Blue Granite Vertical Vein

10% Elite Blue Ledgerock (showing the vein face)

A small percentage had the weathered face exposed. We were happy to get pictures when the leaf color was so beautiful.

The two white pieces in this close up picture are the weathered top of the bed face (vertical vein) in the Weatheredge Limestone. The grey/blue pieces are Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock (the vein face).

The posts and wall edging the entrance and exit driveways (at street).

The long street side wall is the Tumbled Tanner’s Blend on both sides of the wall.