This home showcases three fireplaces, in three different rooms, and each one is very different opposed to the others. This one has a nice Elite Blue Granite Mantle, but no hearth. The indent above the mantle creates a pillar on the edges, creating support for the beam structure.

This fireplace (in the living room) is built with the “Tanner’s Blend” and has recessed mortar joints. They also used less of the Weathered Faces on the Weatheredge Limestone. We did a regular tumble on the Weatheredge Ledgerock and a light tumble on the Weatheredge Vertical Vein. We did a light tumble on both the Elite Blue Ledgerock and Vertical Vein. The customer appreciated that we caringly altered kinds of stone and blends to suit their taste on different areas of their project.

This view (with lights off) still gives a beautiful lake view. There is a lot of glass on the “lake side” and beautiful beam structure. This house showcases beautiful timberframe structure, and many nice wood floors. The owner builds huge “turn key Sawmills” all over North America, and would have good access to many selections of very nice wood.

This view of the fireplace from the dining area is awesome, but also has a beautiful view of the lake.

The second fireplace is 100% Elite Blue Granite Squared, and was laid with tight drystack joints. This fireplace has a used wood beam mantle. They also laid a “soldier course” above the fireplace opening.

Dim lighting picture above.

The basement fireplace was laid more rustically, with the mortar joints looking older and close to flush. Notice there is no hearth or mantle on this fireplace, and the burn area is very high off of the floor.

This is a view of the basement fireplace (burning) as seen from the pool room.