The Courtneys spent some time choosing this special blend to fit their taste. It is 20% Tan Limestone Ledgerock, 30% Weatheredge Splitface Limestone Ledgerock, 20% Weatheredge Weathered Face Limestone Ledgerock and 30% Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock. It was tumbled and they requested to have the height limited to less than 8″ tall.

Notice the weathered faced piece of Weatheredge Limestone in the middle of the left side in the picture above. The close-up picture shows the variety of color and texture in the Courtney Blend. They are very happy with their choice.

Even though the rest of the exterior is not completed yet, the stone portion turned out wonderful and the Courtneys couldn’t be happier.

This close up picture shows the 10″ depth required on the Weatheredge Limestone window sill (due to the sunken windows and double insulated wood stud walls).

The reason the windows are sunken in so deeply is because this house has a double 6″ stud wall filled with insulation. Because of being insulated so well, he heated it with 7 cords of firewood. Notice the Row Lock going around the top of the round top window.