The Elite Blue Granite Squares and Rec’s are pretty, even if on only parts of a house. The Cheltenham Blend is 70% Elite Blue Granite and 30% Midnight Black.

An area as small as a chimney is beautiful in natural stone, and stone is a very fireproof product.

Notice how the same stone is affected greatly by the color of the mortar. The pic above has very light colored mortar compared to the pic below has darker mortar which deepens the color of the entire project. You can deepen the color even more by adding a higher percentage of Midnight Black which really darkens a wall and can have a completely black wall by using all Midnight Black.

Natural Stone adds resale value to any project. If it gets chipped its the same durable product underneath the surface which often adds extra color veins adding to its beauty.

Natural Stone adds strength, stability, and durability to the appearance of any building.

This house is also the Elite Blue Granite Squares and Rec’s (with no Midnight Black added) but it has the setting sun shining toward it.