This is the “lake side” of a beautiful cottage in Lindsay, ON.

This large glass area mirrors the beauty of seeing the lake through the trees, as you also get these views from inside the home.

The back wall also has a sizable window well area that was built with Limestone Armor Stone, with the view side lower giving a nice lake view from the basement (pic above).

This view is from the dock at the lake, looking toward the house.

The fall leaf color always adds to a lake view.

Notice the stonework is not cut off flush with the bottom of the window. Some of our customers like the stone stopping 6″, 8″, or 12″ above the window, avoiding the straight, cut off appearance.

The chimney at one side of the house which services the Elite Blue Granite fireplace.

This chimney is coming through the roof on the main part of the house.

In the back yard, lake side, looking toward the house.

Stone houses, lakes, mature trees with fall leaf colors all look so nice together.