This tall fireplace (floor to ceiling) was built with Weatheredge Limestone Splitface Ledgerock Thin Veneer. The stone has hues of grays and blues. The wood ceiling, beams, and wood floor as well as the antique hand hewn barn beam mantle, all look so good with the natural stone.

The hearth was also cut out of 1 piece of matching Weatheredge Limestone. When it is polished it magnifies the beautiful veining and varying colors.

The front and both ends were also “Rock Faced” (hand chiseled).

A close up picture with the barn beam mantle with the old horseshoe on top.

This fireplace has an arched “Soldier Coarse” over the top of the fireplace opening.

Notice the wide returns on the corners (especially the top 3 and bottom 2) with some of them being 7-10″ return. This gives the effect of very thick, strong corner blocks. Its amazing you can have such a solid, block appearance, on these 1″ thick “L-shaped Corners”.

The Rustic Weatheredge Limestone Fireplace fits so well with the antique Coca Cola box and antique furniture beside it.

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