Letter from Customer:
Could you please show these pictures to Elroy. These are pictures of the stone we are putting on our house and how it is looking so far. He asked us to send some pictures along. We are very happy with how it looks. 
Alex and Kelty
Another Beautiful Project Supplied by Colonial Brick & Stone
Each customer often has different preferences in stone or blend. This project is 70% Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend, 20% Weatheredge Olde Mill Blend and 10% Tumbled Weatheredge Weathered Face Ledgerock. Our customer is very happy and we are proud of the efforts and quality of the stonemasons.
This amazing door is so awesome, being surrounded with the tumbled blend of Natural Stone. The Natural Stone sill was cut out of Weatheredge Limestone from our quarry on Manitoulin Island, and has a ” hand rocked” front edge.
The Tumbled Olde Mill Blend looks 100 years old when the last stone is laid. For those that enjoy very original buildings, the Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is for you.
Notice approx. 3/4 way up the window there is a “L – Shaped Corner”, with approx. a 10″ return around the corner. Aside from added strength gained by using “L – Shaped Corners”, it gives a strong, structural appearance also.