This Harvest Gold Limestone house is just a couple yeas old, not the 150 years old that it appears to be. The Tumbled Olde Mill Blend gives it a very original appearance. It is in a bush, close to a bubbling river in the Milverton ON area. Even though the season is dormant, you still can’t mask the beauty of a stone house.

The Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock house is tumbled, which softens the edges. This home is nestled in an evergreen grove in Milverton, ON.

Even winter ice overhanging the roof of this Drayton, ON home fail to hide the beauty of natural stone.

This is the Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend. It consists of a blend of Squared, Ledgerock and Random shapes. The project is tumbled.

Imagine the views into this 7 1/2 acre bush lot from the windows of this home. This is a very happy customer.

One floor of bush views out front, and two stories of even better views on the back side of this amazing home.

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