Another “lake view” project.

The front entrance with a nice door.

Approximately 60% of this project is Squared Harvest Gold Limestone (the golden pieces with a dimpled face). 25% is Squared (bed-face) Elite Blue Granite (which are the bigger darker pieces), and 15% Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock (the lighter grey pieces with the vein face exposed).

The garage also has a matching natural stone knee wall.

The chimney is approximately 50% Squared Harvest Gold Limestone and 50% Elite Blue Granite.

Notice the hockey pucks sitting on the sill. The house owner is the coach for the “Peterborough Petes”.

A view from the porch toward the lake. Wow, it must be fun living this close to a nice lake.

Quite relaxing hearing the clap of the waves from this patio.

A home with natural stone, a beautiful lake, the sound of the waves and fall leaf colors are so inviting.