We put squared fieldstone onto the foundation of this log home, that was built with a lake view. Log, timber, stone, water and trees all compliment each other.


This is a new squared fieldstone home built in Listowel ON. This customer was happy with this strong pink blend, however, we are capable of producing blends with much more grey, brown, and black or even solid grey, brown and black with no pink also. Notice the pieces that are between five and six feet long (for a real wow factor some pieces up to ten and twelve feet long are available). We like when your customers ask “How was that possible?”, and we enjoy helping to create a good name for our customers and stone masons.


This is Squared Fieldstone inside the new home in Listowel. Notice the one pice of Weatheredge Limestone above the open doorway, with a bush hammered finish. We have textured finish available also.


Question: How old is this home?

  1. a) 200 years old

  1. b) 10 years old

     Answer: b)

Amazing, isn’t it? We can provide stone for both modern or original settings!