This house overlooks a lake (at back) in Northern ON. The stone mason (Shane) had used a Home Hardware Building Supply Store to drop our stone off at for a few of his projects. The owner of the store noticed how nice the stone was and also ordered it for this house (his own home). He met us on site to open up so we could get inside for the fireplace pictures.

The Shane’s Blend is 80% Elite Blue Granite and 20% of a blend of pink Granite. These ratios can be altered also. This project has more than the 20% pink in it.

A close up picture of the Shane’s Blend shows that the top and bottom is sawn, so the pieces fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint. The heights are 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″ and 10 1/2″ for ease of laying. Notice this customer chose black mortar joints. The 4 heights allow you to break up the horizontal joints easily.

The Shane’s Blend, 2 sided fireplace is a nice divider between the kitchen and living room. On the living room side, it goes right up to the cathedral ceiling, where it meets the beautiful beam structure and wood board ceiling. The opposite end of this room overlooks a beautiful Northern ON Lake.

This side of the 2 sided gas fireplace is seen from the kitchen, and is cut off by a regular height ceiling. This is also beautiful but I was happy to have two very different appearances, on different sides of the same fireplace.

The blue siding, black soffit and fascia, black window trim and black roof all look nice with the Shane’s Blend. Natural stone always looks nice in a bush or lake setting, (this project has all three).

By the truck, you can see who dropped in for the pictures. The trees were beautiful, and it’s always rewarding to see projects we provided stone for.