Our customer that built a cottage on an island in Lake Temogami (Northern Ontario) was so happy with the stone that we supplied them with that they sent their pilot down with a 10 seat prop jet to pick Elroy and Diane up to show them the project and to give them a meal. Being the first time for Elroys to land on water in a plane, it was a very exciting. After the plane was landed and tied in the dock they were taken in a boat to another island to view the home. The water was clear, the day was beautiful, and the hosts were awesome. We were proud of the job the builder and stone mason did on the project. When you looked at the house it was beautiful and every view toward the water from the house was a real picture.

This is the 10 seat plane and the pilot that picked the Waglers up at Stratford airport. During the flight they viewed several forest fires.

Our hosts were happy to have their picture taken with Elroy and Diane Wagler (owners of Colonial Brick & Stone), on left. The project designer flew back to North Bay, ON, with the Waglers and was able to view Colonial’s processing facility from the air, as the plane circled so he could see it. It was an enjoyable day for everyone.


Shane, the stone mason that has used this blend often, was worried the first time one of his customers requested that he use black mortar with this blend, but was soon pleased with its appeal and ended up liking it as well.

Colonial Brick & Stone also produced the Elite Blue Granite 3″ by 3″ window sills in the picture above (between the wood siding and the stonework).