It may look like there is not much stone on this project if you only see the front view. Wait until you see the back – it’s amazing.

As you come around to the back of the house (toward the lake), there is a full walk out basement fully covered with the Shane’s Blend. Imagine how much different this home would look if you saw this much concrete instead of natural stone. Also imagine how much concrete would de-value a beautiful lake-view home.

They used the Shane’s Blend on the chimney above the roof, to match the foundation.

Logs and/or wood always looks nice with natural stone. When you cover an entire foundation like this project, it gives the illusion that the entire log home was built on a full thickness structural stone wall. Our thin veneer specifically gives this appearance because some of our L Shaped Corners have as much as a 10″ return on the end of the corner piece. Some people just stand back in amazement.

This Shane’s Blend is approximately 80% Elite Blue Granite and 20% of several grey and pink granites. It is all natural stone. We will alter ratios of these colors at our customers’ request. We find our customers are really happy when they can feel that we want their taste satisfied. This customer chose to have the standard grey mortar, with no color added.