Natural stone and landscaping are so beautiful together.

The old wagon wheels and milk can remind those of us that have used them of years gone by.

Even a knee wall (skirt) looks good in natural stone.

Drift wood, natural stone, flowers and the siding all compliment each other.

The Natural Stone Sill was crafted from our Elite Blue Granite Blocks.

The Sawn Height Timothy’s Blend (Building Stone) consists of 70% Weatheredge Limestone (the lighter colored pieces) and 30% Elite Blue Granite (the darker pieces).

At the quarry, we upgraded to a loader that can handle 20 ton blocks. Our saw can cut blocks that are 5′ tall and 14 1/2″ long. Since it does computerized cutting, it can continue cutting overnight.

The stone mason did an excellent job…even on the short walls with a high amount of corners.

Beautiful flowers enhance gardens and stonework.

The front entrance is full height natural stone. Stone masons enjoy the speed they can lay our sawn height building stone, because the four heights always fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint.

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