This customer chose to revise the Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend from the standard 50% Squared, 30% Ledgerock and 20% Random to:
50% Squared 
27% Squared Low Rise 3 – 5″ Height
3% Ledgerock
20% Random
With less Ledgerock, the project had an extra “Golden Hue” because Ledgerock adds more beige rather than gold. The mason laid the stone with more even and recessed joints which also gave the project a tinge of modern appeal. Also notice that the stone looks nice with the brick window and door headers.


The house below is laid with The Tumbled Hartmann Blend and is located in Toronto, ON.

The Tumbled Hartmann Blend consists of:
7 1/2%  3 – 5″ Height Peterborough Fence Wall
7 1/2%  3 – 7″ Height Eden Mills Rustic Ranch
10%  more lengthy Harvest Gold Random (laid horizontally)
10%  1 – 3″ Low Rise Ledgerock Harvest Gold
10%  3 -5″ Low Rise Ledgerock Harvest Gold
25%  3 – 5″ Low Rise Squared Harvest Gold
30%  6 – 14″ Height Squared Harvest Gold

The picture above is a work in progress picture taken during installation. The Hartmanns are very happy with the help that they received at Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. to achieve the color blend, style and texture they desired.
Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. assisted the Hartmanns to understand what they really wanted, and helped them explain to the installers how the stone should be laid to receive the design and appearance desired. The Hartmanns were very happy to receive this additional assistance, as Mr. Wagler from Colonial spared them from having unnecessary problems.
Mr. Wagler firmly believes in listening attentively and getting a good understanding of what the customer wants, and then endeavoring to transfer that information to everyone involved, including the mason. He says that it works well when everyone understands the customer’s desires, and that teams work better than individuals.

The picture above is the same stone as the Hartmann Blend, but looks totally different with wider and dark mortar joints, and many of the random pieces standing upright instead of being laid horizontally. With Natural Stone, you can make large alternations with minor changes, to make the project special to you.