The mason did a good job on the left and right angles walls, and in the left bump out.

If you wonder why I called this project the “REVISED” Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend, it’s since it is a full bed project and there was the option to turn the Ledgerock with either:

A) the vein face visible (the more beige side)


B) expose the bed-face (top of the piece) which is more yellow.

With the Ledgerock being 30% of this blend… turning the yellow side to the exterior, instead of the beige side, makes the entire project more yellow. It’s amazing how you can alter a project significantly by turning and exposing a different side.

The front entrance.

This builder does an amazing quality work. When visiting inside his office/showroom, the woodwork and hand crafted table and furniture was of extremely good quality and strength. We enjoyed our visit and meeting our customer the first time.

The stone posts have angled pillars on top.

The beautiful flower beds are well kept. The Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is beautiful in the shade (above) as well as in the full sun (below).

A well built home.