Amazing front entrance doors, arched woodwork and porch ceiling, 11 large round pillars, brick highlight soldier courses and Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend, all tie together to create an amazing entrance. Our customer, the builder, shows awesome talent in his design and quality of build, which we thank him for. Quality builders enhance the beauty of our Natural Stone.

The size of the stone posts supporting the three stone pillars at the front entrance, speak of strength and durability.

The flame in the lights are flickering even during daytime.

The backside of the stonework holding the three pillars.

A beautiful porch.

Note: The reason the “Revised” Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is more golden is due to using a higher percentage of the bed-face and a lower percentage of the vein face (ledgerock), which is more beige.

You see amazing detail everywhere you look. With this being the first time we visited this builder to see how they used our Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Older Mill Blend, we were so happy to see the quality of workmanship.