Notice that we left the Natural Weathered Face on the front edge of the hearth. All the stone on this fireplace is from our “Weatheredge Limestone Quarry” on Manitoulin Island.

The shelves on the wall are rustic “hand hewn” beams which match the fireplace mantles and compliment the “Tumbled” blend of Weatheredge Limestone.

Enjoy the relaxation of dancing flames in the fireplace as well as the rolling waves of the lake, with the same view from several rooms.

This customer desired a higher percentage of lower heights than our standard, which we gladly adjusted for them.

This customer desired white mortar, which lightened the whole project.

The lighter colored pieces of Weatheredge Limestone are the outer edge of the stone. This includes both the Bed-Face (top of stone) and the Weathered Groovy Face (front edge of the stone) showing natural grooves in the face. The split face pieces are squares, Rec’s, and random shapes (with vertical veining), as well as Ledgerock, (horizontal veining). All were tumbled.

Another beautiful lake and fireplace view from the second floor. Notice the nice sand.

Some comments from the Customer:

We love the stone. And the hearth looks fantastic.  Love the weathered face

It looks amazing, and thanks again for all your help. 

You taught me a lot about stone, and I love the colouring of this stone and that it is all the same stone from different parts of the quarry. Tim

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