Many of our customers will leave old stone walls exposed when they add additions to their homes. We can blend “new and old” for add-ons or extra walls when desired.
It would be a shame to cover the history of a home, and the hard work that went into them. Remember they did this work without the luxury of guillotines and fork lifts. Sometimes some of these projects look quite bad and after 150 years are not always sound. Just check if you recognize the same wall in the pictures below.
Work in Progress:
Some original walls have 3 or 4 colors and/or textures of mortar in them due to a) weather, b) some original sections and c) the wall could have some small sections in different areas re pointed (which could have happened 5 times in the last 125 years). Imagine how “spotty” a wall like this could look, especially if pouring concrete had been the easy way out if a few stones fell out before the re pointing happened. In this setting we re pointed all the mortar joints so that they would look the same. We used plastic grout bags to place the mortar and keep the stones clean, and the customer desired a recessed joint.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same wall that was falling apart and had a concrete section in it. The concrete was taken out and replaced with real stone. Natural stone is always one of the main focal points of any room it is placed into.

Even the smallest section of natural stone brings charm to the whole room.

WOW … completed project and a happy customer!