The spout that many years ago had crushed grains or oils pouring out of it had water flowing out of it at the Landscape show. The millstone on top had water bubbling out of it. Its so charming to have something so old in your garden as a real conversation piece. These are hand carved from a piece of natural stone and reclaimed from old mills.


     Our collection of historic pieces includes millstones, grindstones, stone rollers, steps and troughs.

Average Sizes:

Millstones: 20-24″ in diameter and 4-7″ thick (200 lbs.)

Grindstones: 10-16″ in diameter and 4-7″ thick (50-80 lbs.)

Millstone Base: 31-39″ diameter and 4-6″ thick (200-300 lbs.)

The grindstones are smaller than the millstones and did their crushing on the outer edge of the piece. (Notice the smooth wearing on the outer edge from years of use.)

Some edges are even fluted.

It is nice to find a second use for troughs that animals ate out of many years ago. It would be a shame to garbage such beautiful pieces. Consider the hours of hand labour to carve these amazing pieces of art and talent.

This trough was made into an amazing sink.

Sandstone Troughs.

Sometimes very amazingly large troughs are available. Imagine the careful hand carving that went into this twelve foot long trough.

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