The Random Tumbled Timothy’s Blend is 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite. The weathered beam mantle fits the Tumbled Timothy’s Blend so well, since the stone is greys and blues with some hints of gold.

The stone for this fireplace was sent up to Northern ON for this project. The customer chose to use a bright white mortar joint.

A close up picture of the Tumbled Random Timothy’s Blend. The tumbling process rounds and softens the edges.

A close up picture of the non tumbled Random Timothy’s Blend. The non tumbled has more crisp edges.

For comparison, the picture above is the Timothy’s Blend Tumbled Ledgerock. You see the veins in the face of the Ledgerock compared to the random, squared and sawn height is the “Bed-Face”. The Ledgerock is a more linear shape (longer then tall).