Our local split fieldstone has a multitude of colors and is a very durable stone. We have local buildings that are over 200 years old and the stone is as stable as the day it was placed in the wall.

The customer had us build a raised patio wall to match the house.

Notice the large “L Shaped Corner” pieces that we made and used here to give the original 2 feet thick appearance. The contrasting lintels, sills and window surrounds were made from the Ottawa Valley Limestone.

Natural stone is always beautiful with carriage lights.

The Split Fieldstone gate posts at the lane entrance at the road were built to match the house.

Other split fieldstone fireplaces. This one was laid with quite tight mortar joints and has a high percentage of reds and pinks.

This fireplace has more rustic mortar joints, and the hearth is made from 3″ Colonial Classic Random Flagstone.