This Random Split Fieldstone house is in the Cambridge ON area. It was a blend of Split Fieldstone, Black Granite, Nova Creek Granite, Colonial Classic Granite and red, green and black Mica. The window sills were hand made from Colonial Classic Granite. The beam structure, wood siding, cedar shake roof and Split Fieldstone all fit together so well.

Mr. Wagler remembers laying stone on this project approximately 40 years ago, and especially remembers how concerned he was about the strength of the pillar (to the left side of the middle door). This pillar was narrow and yet approximately half of the weight of the 26 ft high full bed fieldstone rested upon it. Each piece of stone was carefully selected and then interlocked to the top of the door, where extra strong angle irons rested on the pillar. The primed angle iron was leg bolted back to the header above the door and extra wall ties were used on the entire wall. This project was built in wintertime with tarps and heaters, but added care was taken to assure that none of the pillar stones had any frost or moisture on them. Thankfully after 40 years, there has been no problems or call backs. Mr. Wagler says that if you ever do a dangerous wall like this, “Be careful, screw ties on, and don’t risk the vibration of a hammer. Tell all other trades on site not to use hammers on a wall like this as one unwise move can hurt many people. This was a dangerous wall to build.”

This is a see through 2 sided fireplace. The hearths were split out of Colonial Classic Granite and had the ends rounded on the highly traveled corners. The old peg and beam structure was amazing and was exposed indoors and outdoors as well. This along with the wooden floors and stonework was stunning together. The tall fireplace (above) was in a room with a high cathedral ceiling, and the wall to the left was beam and glass all the way to the ceiling, offering a gorgeous view to a beautiful back yard.

The fireplace below was on the other side of the 2 sided fireplace, but the room had a flat, 8 ft ceiling. It still had the same beam and peg structure.

The floor in the room with the tall stone fireplace (looking to the right side of the room) changes from the solid plank floor to Colonial Classic Granite Random Flagstone. Notice how the stone edge is a random flowing edge. This took more time to scribe and shape the wood to fit, but undoubtedly adds more charm.

A beautiful landscape puts the finishing touch to a nice project.