The Elite Blue Granite is also available in Squares and Rec’s as well as sawn height and ledgerock (vein face). The vein face is available in regular heights of 2-8″ heights or low rise (1-4″ heights) The sawn height option is more modern and lays precisely and quickly because all heights are designed to fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint. However there is still a certain percentage of our customers that prefer the old random design.

This project showcases many arched indents, adding extra depth and character.

For our customers desiring to have a darker wall we add whatever percentage of “Midnight Black” required to darken the wall to achieve the color wanted, without loosing sparkle. Both stones are known for their sparkle.

The sample-board above shows how the Random Elite Blue Granite looks when it is tumbled. Tumbling rounds and softens the edges, creating more of a worn appearance, adding the appearance of more age.

The sample board above shows the Elite Blue Granite Rustic Olde Barn Blend, with wide “overgrout joints”. There are so many options when using natural stone.

One of our happy cousins with his “Random Elite Blue Granite” fireplace. Since this fireplace was in a Northern Cottage he didn’t know who he should hire as a stone mason. We recommended one we know would please him with quality workmanship and for those of us with experience with working with random shapes, understand the effort it takes to fit random stone so perfectly. Hats off to such amazing work. Notice the matching one piece Elite Blue Granite Hearth. The Rustic Plank Coffee Table and old beam mantle fit each other well. The wood ceiling and floor add to the beauty of the room. Wood and stone compliment each other when used together.