The Stone Masons did a very good installation on this project.

This fireplace is in the basement. We were asked to saw the tiles surrounding the fireplace opening out of Elite Blue Granite, as well as the mantle. This mantle had to be stone because of the heat from this model of fireplace.

Notice the barn door style door (on rollers) to the left of the fireplace. Interesting antique decor.

The Random Elite Blue Granite stretches 45 feet from the basement floor to the roof on this project.

The stair treads are cut from “Live Edge Lumber” and fits so well with the Natural Stone and Antique Furniture.

An A+ job of fitting the Random Elite Blue Granite. Wood ceiling and floor along with Rough Sawn posts and beams fits so well with natural stone.

How long ago was a large bottle of pop 10 cents?

This customer enjoys antiques.

An outside view of beautiful Lake Nipissing, from the back porch. An amazing property with amazing Northern Ontario Scenery.