Permeable Paver System

     The twenty first century had brought environmental issues to the forefront of the construction industry. Local and state governments have begun to require higher standards for the energy efficiency of buildings. They are also trying to limit the environmental impact of new construction by placing restrictions on water runoff. Storm water runoff is the number one cause of pollution in rivers and streams. By using a Permeable Cobble System, you can help to preserve the water quality. A permeable cobble system permits rainwater to be absorbed by the ground underneath, while still managing to provide a stable enough surface for vehicles.

permeable paver system

Steps of Installation

1. Compact sub-soil.

2. Place Geotexile.

3. Place 1 1/2″ crushed clear stone and compact 8″ depth.

4. Place 3/4″ crushed clear stone and compact 4″ depth.

5. Place 3/8″ crushed clear stone and screed level 1 1/2 – 2″ depth.

6. Place natural stone pavers with a 1/2″ joint around the edge of each paver.

7. 3 1/8″ thick for heavy commercial vehicle use or 2 3/8″ thick for commercial pedestrian use

8. Fill joints with 1/4″ minus crushed and compact.

9. Also use an edge restraint to complete the interlocking permeable paver system.


The advantages of a Permeable Cobble System:

*Increases the quality and quantity of water.

*Reduces installation costs of drainage system.

*Reduces storm water runoff.

*Reduces flooding.

*Preserves our streams and rivers.


(a) Colonial’s pavers have split edges for the odd original appeal and grip on the edges, but a sawn bottom to make then flat, with even thickness, and easy to work with during installation.

(b) Colonial also is able to provide a thin veneer cobble so you can cover an old, ugly, uneven concrete surface, and have a new beautiful project without the expense or mess of tearing up a complete yard to do so.


Elite Blue Granite Tumbled Cobbles during Installation

elite blue granite cobbles at installation

 Old World Style Cobbles

black limestone cobble pink grantie cube cobble
salt & pepper granite cobble yellow granite regular cobble



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