Brown Limestone

FINGERS (large wallstone)

6 – 10″ height                                                           10 – 14″ height


These Ontario Brown Limestone cubes work well for beautiful garden edge. They are approx. 14 – 18″ bed depth. A landscaper’s or homeowner’s dream come true. Guillotine broken and easy to work with

The 18″ – 30″ Brown Limestone small cubes are used for small edging or decorative boulders.

Weatheredge Limestone

Small Palletized Garden Stone (1 – 2 Man Stone)

Note: You can specify either “Natural Weathered Edge” or “Broken Split Edge”

Medium Armor Stone

500 – 1900 lbs/pc

Size: 1 ft x 1 1/2 ft x 2 ft to 1 1/2 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft

This project is in Milverton ON.

Large Armor Stone

1 – 2 1/2 ton pieces.

Size: 2 1/2 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft to 2 ft x 6 ft x 2 1/2 ft

This project is in Parry Sound, ON area.

Extra Large Armor Stone

2 – 8 ton sized pieces

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft x 5 ft to 2 1/2 ft x 4 ft x 10 ft

Project in Listowel ON area.

Note: Weathered face, or split face steps are available for the perfect match. The Weatheredge Limestone’s weathered face looks like a natural outcrop the moment the last stone is placed.

Shoreline Stone

The Weatheredge Limestone is very dense and can be used on shorelines. Notice the specifics below and how very few products come close to the durability of this durable stone. Engineers are very happy with specs offered by the Weatheredge Limestone since they struggle to find sought after specs like these.
Weatheredge Limestone Specs
Anabel Formation
Abrasion Resistance = 23.7
Mod. Rupture = 1.57 megaposcals = 2549 psi
Comp. Strength = 166.9 megaposcals = 24,209 psi
2.8 ton/cubic metre
Specific Gravity: Top Layer = 2.76
                                        2nd Layer = 2.83 – 2.85
Information received from Don Hains
Hains Technology Associates
Hains Engineering Company Ltd.
Phone: 877-971-9783
Beauty and Durability…Both are important.
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