Elroy and Diane Wagler standing in front of the porch with 5% Colonial Classic and 95% Elite Blue Granite Oversized Flagstone. Notice the “L Shaped” coping giving the illusion of 4 1/2″ thick slabs on the porch top (when they were actually only 2″ thick). A ” L Shaped” coping looks amazing and strong.

The rest of the pictures are at a lake’s edge at Sudbury, ON.

Notice the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite Sawn & Textured Flagstone. Notice in both projects the contractors sawed the edges for perfect joints. At the Sudbury project we sent some pieces 8 feet long. The stone mason laid them with suction cups, to make laying easier.

This aerial view shows some of the Oversized Flagstone that went to the Sudbury project. Also notice the matching steps to the (back right side) of the pic.

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