The back part of the building was the original blacksmith shop, with the stone mostly covered with mortar. When we laid the stone on the addition, I was happy that our customer desired to blend the two areas by using a slight overgrout mortar joint, however wanted more of the beautiful stone exposed, than the existing area is.

Such a peaceful setting.

Inside the exsisting “Blacksmith Shop” looking through the opening into the new addition where we laid the squared local granite fieldstone. Imagine being the Blacksmith 200 years ago and getting kicked up against a stone wall because the horse you were working on spooked. Ouch… the blacksmiths of old also pulled teeth with no freezing… double ouch. We also set the hand hewn beams on top of the wall (for ceiling joist) on this project.

Notice the hand-rail is an old “Rope-Block and Tackle” going up the stairs. Notice the stairs are built strong enough to last for many generations.

There are nice views from the upper and lower deck to watch fish jumping out of the water, in the nearby pond. (in background of the picture above)

The Customer requested that the chimney would be built from small round granite fieldstones, from their farm.

This project was very enjoyable for young boys. (that was a few years ago… maybe 40)

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