“Mill ruins” can be transformed into a very “Stunning Home”. It was very rewarding, when I phoned the home owner forty years after we had completed the project, he recognized my voice immediately. That was special.

This is the parking area, surrounded by mill ruins also.

An amazing back yard, also among the “Mill Ruins”. Looking out the bottom row of windows gives a view of the river flowing past the foundation, still fifty feet below with a cliff on the other side of the river. This river always has good flow and electricity is being produced from many dams set up for this purpose, with the extra being sold to Hydro One.

We were asked to stabilize all walls, but leave edges looking broken, or as ruins.

Coming down a steep winding laneway, this is the first view of this interesting home.

We built this fireplace from scratch and made it match the adjoining wall (which we built several stories high).

The mortar was not fully cured yet on the new pillar (on left) but as it lightens, will fit in very well.

Since the mill was built, and later had numerous additions added, each addition had a different style of laying. Any new work had to match the style of the closest existing area.

The entrance to the new home. Our Customer had an amazing vision of what could be made out of ruins that were falling down. I enjoyed every moment working here. Our “mud boy” often came back with another wheel-barrow of mortar, to find that I had already used everything. It took a lot of mortar.

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