There was months of drilling, blasting, and excavating on this site before the house structure could be started.

The drill at work… creating space for the house and making a beautiful cliffside.

The house being framed. Notice how the ice is still on the lake. (Looking past the right corner of the house)

Working on the front entrance area.

A picture from the ice covered lake.

The neighbors house in the background is on top of the cliff (which also gives them a lake view.)

Wow!! Now that the landscaping is completed what an amazing home entrance beside the

“natural cliffside”.

How many homes are rewarded with a real “Cliffside” as they step outside their front door.

The “Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite Pillars” blend well with the Natural Cliffside colors behind them.

The back of the house facing Lake Ramsey in Sudbury, ON. The lake is mirrored in the glass.

What a beautiful setting with a lake on one side and a cliff on the other. How often do you get the luxury of both?