Does that have a “Cliffside Appearance” ?

We provided 30+ loads of Weatheredge Limestone from Manitoulin Island.

The weathered faces fit the “Cliffside Appearance” so well.

I can’t wait until trees and plantings are on top of the Concrete Roof. It will be so natural, and indeed look like a natural outcrop.

During winter construction.

The Stone Masons are amazing… notice their precise tight joints.

The pieces at the bottom of the wall are 18″ depth and gradually slopes back to 8″ depth at the top. The longest piece supplied was 14′ long and 4′ tall. Most people working on this project were amazed to see things we sent… that they didn’t imagine could be done. It was fun surprising them.

We also made some weathered face corner pieces. The contractor asked us to make a 90 degree and 127 degree corner, so the designers and owners could see how they look. As soon as they saw a picture… the emails started flowing. They had no idea that these “L Shaped Corner Pieces” would even be possible. The masonry contractor was surprised as well. They were amazed and happy.

The inside of the 90 degree “L-Shaped Corner”.

This picture is on top of the concrete roof, that will be covered with ground and plantings. The ground will cover the back of the stone. Looking from the upper level you will see plantings plus the natural top of our Weatheredge Limestone.

A beautiful setting with the Adirondack Mountains in the background.