4″ height Rock faced (hand chiselled) front edge sills, used on a house with Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone, sawn height Northern Collection, as the Building Stone. The Northern Collection heights are 5″, 6″, and 11 1/2″.

4″ height Rock faced sill used with matching Weatheredge Limestone Building Stone. The building stone heights are 10% 2 1/4″ height, 40% 5″ height, 40% 7 3/4″ height, and 10% 10 1/2″ height.

This customer added 15% Brown Limestone, sawn height to the building stone.

This hearth slab in comparison has a polished top and rock-faced edges.

Matching Old Projects

In the pics above and below the face groves match old sills. We Bush Hammered the top and ends to give the aged appearance also.

The pic below showcases one of our “L Shaped Full Bed Corners”. This makes the corners look solid and strong. It also gives the appearance of a structural wall… “Like they used to build.

These “L Shaped Corners” take the project to another level, giving the wall a very original, strong, thick appearance.