70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Midnight Black Sawn Height Building Stone makes a nice contrasting blend. The pre-cut heights allow 4 height sizes to fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints. This greatly increased the ease and speed of laying. The finished project is very refined and perfect. Stonemasons consider it a privilege to work with products like this.

The tan mortar is not dry yet in this panel of 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Midnight Black. The Sturgeon River Black Granite Window Sills trim a blend like this nicely.

This new blend is 30% Midnight Black, 25% Weatheredge Limestone, and 45% Wilker Lake. Notice the Old Style “Raised V Joint.” Tan mortar was used for this display.

The panel below is built with 35% Midnight Black and 65% Brown Sandstone in the Random (Mosaic) Shape. Tan Mortar color was used.